Gondo is a mountain biking shuttle app that makes it easier to go on mountain biking trips by providing convenient, efficient, and specialized shuttle services through the Gondo app.   
Context                                                                                   Tools
Graduate Project-Team Member                                         Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator
UX Research/Design
The research aimed to gauge the interest level in a mountain biking Uber-style app among various demographics of mountain bikers. Conducted through short interviews during mountain biking outings, the study sought to understand potential users' willingness to use such a service, which would offer shuttle rides to mountain biking trails. Respondents were categorized by age groups and their interest levels were noted as either "Yes," "No," or "Conditional."
Brand Development
Iconography and branding inspiration was exploring arrows to represent the riders being transported up and down the trails, as well as tree or branch-like nature, as an homage to the land.
Website Mockup
This website was developed as a business-to-business concept, being able to sell the app licensing to small businesses that would hire their drivers that use the app for their customers. 
User Flow