YEAR:  2021
CATEGORY:  Interactive Installation, Touchdesigner, Kinect, Physical Sculpture, Ambisonic, Immersive
TOOLS:  Touchdesigner, Kinect, Blender, 3D Ambisonic System, Projection-Mapping, 
ROLE: Lead Designer, Audio Engineering, Projection-Mapping, Background visuals, Kinect Interaction
A Year in the Making
This project was planned and organized a year before its final unveiling, by myself and my three teammates, as our senior creative technology & design capstone project. However, a project on this topic, magnitude, and quality had been conceived years prior by myself, when I first transitioned into the field of creative and immersive technology. The idea itself was inspired by TeamLab, a Japan-based collective of creatives and technologists who create immersive and large-scale exhibitions using digital technology.
I came to know about TeamLab and the world of creative tech after spending a year abroad in Japan (while still studying mechanical engineering) and visiting their art facility in Tokyo. The experience broadened my understanding of the uses of technology and engineering, whilst calling on my unfulfilled need to express myself creatively. Ultimately, when I returned to my school in Boulder, Colorado, I changed my major to creative technology & design, beginning my journey to obtain the knowledge and skills required to recreate the experience that changed my life. 

An immersive sculptural installation in the 5 million dollar Black Box Experimental Theatre, located at the University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder. This immersive installation utilizes projection mapping and sensors to interactively express and explore feelings of isolation and loneliness.